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ECAD Part Wizard Introduction



  • Daryl Spitfire

    I used DS PCB a few years ago, then stopped for awhile. I recently reloaded (8.0 from scratch) for a new project. Now, I see a popup dialog that says "Modelsource Alternative Now Available" with an ominous warning that I should use the new stuff (looks to be RS) and that I should NOT use the "old" Modelsource. I looked at several of your videos and help files (numerous times) but was unable to find a definitive explanation or procedure to do so. I saw 2 "overviews" showing that it was possible, but those were not tutorials ! Not even close ! - - - So how about some detailed, step-by-step instructions about how to do this. Otherwise I'm sure you will lose business on several fronts. For example I am looking at several other software packages which make it easier, or at least more deterministic, to use parts from DigiKey or other sources (or no particular source).

  • DesignSpark PCB

    Hello Daryl,

    We are continuing to expand our FAQ's if there is particular area you wish to discuss please use "submit a request" to discuss with the support team.

    Looking at your comment I believe Library Loader will be more appropriate to your requirements, please see




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