How do I search for parts?




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    Anton Sinovich

    Finding parts in DS is extremely difficult as there is no standard search nomenclature. Try to find a polarised radial capacitor with 5mm pin spacing or simply a "jumper". This is something that needs attention as the whole building a component from the manufacturer makes it manufacturer specific and to get a design out quickly one needs generic components and then one gets the parts later. Otherwise I build my own which time consuming.

    It would be great to have a user forum with their own parts which could be imported even if they are a bit messy. They could be rated and people can choose them or not.

    I find the whole DS component library a barrier to using DS over other CAD programs, even though DS has other superior features.

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    Dietmar Stein

    I agree.

    It is a pain to find the right part or even to find a matching part concerning dimensions and properties, e.g. I am looking for a capacitor which is _not_ SMD and it is hardly to find ... 

    It is sad because the e.g. autorouter is pretty useful for smaller projects.



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