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How do I add a solder mask?



  • Daljeet Singh Sokhey

    Isn't solder mask applied on the bottom copper side? So why does it say as Top Solder Mask on the Top Side.

    And I tried adding the layer but its not printing anything. Pls help. Tried changing it to Bottom Side too. Its printed just two square dots.

    Please help. Thanks

  • Boss .

    Hi Daljeet, having been following an interesting discussion on the forum regarding copper pours which referred to this article I saw your comment. Always ask questions like this on the forum to reach the most users, but to answer your question solder mask and indeed paste masks can be applied to both top and bottom layers, this is a very common requirement with SMDs and through hole components.

    If your design is just through hole you may opt to have the solder mask just on the bottom layer.



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