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Can I import Eagle Designs in DesignSpark PCB?



  • John Nickalls

    In DS PCB 7.2 there is apparently no 'import' option under file... or do I misunderstand?


  • Andrey Porokhnyuk

    Yep, they prefer to lose users to other software, like Eagle, rather than giving any credits to any tool they could import data from. That's a war! The war RS would loose.

  • DesignSpark PCB

    @John, yes in V7 (and V8) the Eagle import was improved, now simply use 'Open' as detailed in the help file. This was listed in the  new features and improvements but could have been missed if you applied the previous methods.

    @Andrey. there is no 'war', just continuous improvements. If you have questions please raise a support request ticket and we will try to help you or visit the help system and FAQ's to get the latest information.


  • Alil Halilov


    Improvements :-))))

    Why then it freeze and doesn't import developer i can say removing import menu means you can do proper import

  • Mark Roman


    I can't import anything from Eagle (5.12) to DSPCB8.1  .!?

    When I choose ULP to transform data to ASCII an error appear only !

    It is for library and for schematic and for pcb too.

    It shows "syntax error" only...

    I don't know what to do now...hmm

  • Boss .

    The Eagle ULP method can be problematical. It may be easier to install a later version of Eagle open your design and save in this new version. Then you can open the Eagle file directly in DSPCB V8.1

    I have found opening Eagle files newer than 6 works well in DSPCB.

    If you want to pursue the ULP method, check the built in Help to see if you have missed something.

    You could post your comment as a question in the forum (get greater visibility) and see if you get further advice.

  • Wolfgang Ludovacz

    Works without any flaws for schematics and boards.

    Importing an Eagle library using the ULP methode I get some warnings when creating the components library.

    Warning (line 5561): Part 'PENTODE1' does not contain 'patternName' section.

    What does this mean?

    btw: I'm using DS PCB v9.0.2


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