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Fail to add track


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  • Boss .

    That sounds like you have started the PCB design without selecting a Technology file.
    You can build up your own 'design technology' requirements for the PCB but it is far easier to delete this wrong PCB from the project and then create a new PCB as normal but make sure you select the appropriate Tech file.

  • Richard Caldwell

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Are you doing the PCB without a schematic? If so then there are no nets to be routed. You will have to route the board by hand, and labeling the nets for each trace.



  • Jan Lichtenbelt

    Dear Boss and Richard

    I do not use the schematic design, so I may not use the "default technology", but I have to "choose the Technology file" , in my case "double sided".


    Thanks a lot for helping me

    Kind regrads




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