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Value for Different Packes e.g. for Restistor with Pitch 10mm & 12.5mm


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  • Boss .

    Hello Armin, I have looked at your question many times and hoped someone else would solve the issue :)
    I think I understand the question and issue.

    You have created a component with two different PCB footprints for the same component.

    However, the Values are set at their default with no entries for the new component footprint. I think this is correct as the assumption made is each different footprint represents a new/different component.

    For example, if you had created say a resistor with a through-hole footprint and then a SMD footprint, the values would actually be different as they would be distinctly different components, hence each footprint requires its own set of values.

    Unfortunately in your case, you are just changing the footprint of the same component and DSPCB does not cater for this different pad spacing and expects a new set of Values.

    I cannot think of an easy solution, but perhaps now I have posted someone with experience of this and hopefully a solution will reply.

  • Richard Caldwell

    Here's the way I handle components with different PCB footprints but have the same value. As you see the resistor's mounting size might be different but the value is the same.

    I show just resistors but I have other components using this method of knowing what the component's PCB footprint is when I want a component with the right PCB footprint.


    I hope this helps even in a small way. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




  • Armin Kalmbach

    Dear Boss. I Think you understood my Problem.

    Dear Richard, thank you for your suggestion. This Solution will work but unfortunately it will fill up my Parts Library with so many Components. I also want to have different pitches (eg. 4" 5" 6") for every Resistor Value.

  • Richard Caldwell

    Armin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Yes, it makes a very large library. Mine is over 1,000 components. Many are used only once for a project.

    I can find the component very easily becuase I group components into sections. As shown in my screenshots all my resistors group together with the prefix of "RES".  I have several other groups like "CAP","DIODE", "IC",.MOSFET","TRAN", "Relay" ETC. The relay group has different component values ( coil voltages 3, 5,12) but the same PCB footprint.


    I suggest your resistor grou[p could have the  name of:

    RES 10K ThP  4"

    RED 10K ThP 5"

    and so on. The ThP stands for "T"hrough "H"ole with a "P"itch of ******.


    I wish we can have a longer component name the limit of 30 charters.


    I also suggest making your own personal library. The default library has a LOT of components that will never be used. Making your own library will reduce the library to more imaginable size.



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