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Design Spark V9 Crashing, cannot open a project


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  • Boss .

    Hi Rich, I do not and have not had any issues, but just trying to understand the history of the events to see if I can suggest anything.

    You had v8 installed without any issues.
    You then installed v9, presumably v9.0.3 or earlier some time ago and had some issues, was this straight after install?
    When you had issues you then installed the patch update for v9.0.4 and the crash symptoms got worse.

    To me this indicates your design file may be badly corrupted in such a way the application crashes. Support can sometimes recover these corrupted files.

    I know you say you created the design in v9, but what happens if you create a new project from scratch, does this then cause the app to crash?

    As you have changed versions are the technology files mapped correctly.
    Go to Settings, Preferences, General tab and is the path correct in the "Folders" box to where they were installed? I only ask as the last Windows 10 update messed my Windows profile up such that this path was wrong, mapping to a local folder rather than the public folder I used. It did not crash, but did mess up my lack of any technology info in the design.

    You don't have to port library contents (although you can if you wish), this can also be done in the library Manager folders by mapping to any library.

    You may need to ask Support for help if we can't help.


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