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  • Chuck Van Dien


    I created a MECHANICAL, non-electrical Layer... assigned my object to that layer, saved, and updated the component... the layered object it does not show in the PCB view and I have verified MECHANICAL is in View/Colors... and it also does not appear when I output GERBER's after adding the new layer... and the Gerber viewer indicates that MECHANIVAL.gbr is empty.

    I need to instruct the fab facility were SLOTS and CASTELATED HOLES are on my PCB. This simply involves drawing a rectangle showing the SLOTS and CASTELATED HOLES are... I wanted to put these on a MECHANICAL layer (and maybe also a SLOTS layer) However, it is not cooperating - something is not updating...

    All help is appreciated.


    Thank you,



  • Boss .

    Hi Chuck, it sounds like you created the "Layer Type", but you then need to go to the "Layers" tab and Add a layer of type "mechanical".
    Once that is done the layer should appear in the Interaction bar on the Layers tab.

  • Chuck Van Dien

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I have both, not sure the problem. Restarted DS and it worked. 

    DS is a fine tool.


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