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New Simbol created cannot use


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  • Brad Levy

    Some things to check:

    Did you save the new component (preferably under a new name) to a user library?

    On the Folders tab of the Library Manager, is the library the new component is in Enabled, and is it in a folder that is also Enabled?

    DS PCB searches the libraries in the order they are listed in the Folders tab of the Library Manager. If you saved the new version under the same name as the original part from the website, it will find the one from the website first unless you place your new part's libraries in a folder earlier in the search order than the default and downloaded libraries. Saving your customized versions of schematic and pcb symbols and components under new, unique names allows you to "find" them without having to worry about DS PCB finding the original versions (and using those instead) first due to search order issues.

    Did you choose the user library you saved the new component to in the Library box of the Add Component dialog?

    Your problem is most likely due to one of the above issues.

    If you still have problems after checking those, are you getting any warning messages from DS PCB when selecting the part? It will tell you if it found a symbol earlier in the search path than one by the same name in the component definition.

    (just another user)


  • Daniel Kolbach

    Thanks Brad, I have been using DS for a while and this is the first time that this happens.

    The original component had a completely different name, I gave the same name new name to the schematic, pcb and component.

    I have deleted the component and will try again from scratch.



  • Daniel Kolbach

    That seems to have solved the problem. I have downloaded the new version but I did not realized the icon for the old version was still there, When I started to work back on the design I have by mistake clicked the old version and I think that screwed up things. All is good now.





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