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BOM Group similar components in one line


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  • DesignSpark PCB

    This feature is not in current versions but will be available in V8 shortly.

  • Romain Sahores

    Ok thanks

  • Romain Sahores


    I've moved to DS V8, is the feature available and how can I use it please ?



  • Boss .

    Hi Romain, it's covered in the FAQ https://designspark.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000951825-How-can-I-use-new-BOM-Quote-functionality-

    You can download this in Excel format.

  • Angel

    The new feature BOM Quotation is great but it does not allow configuring the fields/columns to appear in the BOM as can be done in the Report -> Component List tool

    Report -> Component List is very convenient cause you can play adding and removing customized fields/columns. But also I miss the option to be able to group the references of same components.


    So it seems there is a trade off between flexibility for customizing the fields/columns (using the report tool) or grouping references of same components (using the BOM quotation). But there is no option to be able to perform both on the same CSV component list. Am I right?


    Kind Regards,


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