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LTspice compatibility


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  • Brad Levy

    The schematics are not compatible. But DesignSpark PCB can output a netlist in Spice-compatible format, and can also output a complete Spice simulation file, configured to read into one of the available Spice simulators. The simulation file includes the commands for controlling the Spice simulation.

    See the Spice topic in DesignSpark PCB's built in Help for details.

    The ltspice and XSpice component libraries in DS PCB are designed to facilitate this. The components in these libraries include the extra parameters needed to describe them for spice simulators. They do not, however, include PCB footprints. (In this respect, they are more like abstract components.) This means that if you design your schematic using these components, you will get errors when you go to translate the Schematic to PCB within DS PCB.

    If you plan to use DS PCB to lay out your PCB once you have your schematic simulating to your satisfaction, the best approach is to start with components from the non-spice component libraries (which do have PCB footprints associated with the schematic symbols). Then look at the corresponding type of component (capacitor, resistor, etc) in DS PCB's spice libraries to see which additional parameters (Values, in DS PCB parlance) to add to the non-spice component to facilitate its use in simulation. Save these modified components to your user library, and they will be ready to re-use the next time you need them.

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