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PCB Success!


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  • Boss .

    Always good to hear a success!
    If it's not confidential can you post a picture, I love PCB 'art'!

  • Jayx .

    Hi Jim,

    Which company did you use?

    I'm going to send a design to one of the Chinese manufacturer, not sure which one yet but I'm wondering what should I do for the solder mask - oversize or not? Can't find any information about this and Eurocircuits for example says to leave it 1:1 and they will take care of that. But I don't think that's the same in case of cheap Chinese manufacturer, does anyone have any experience with them?

  • Jim Melser

    Hi Jayx,

    I used http://www.pcbcart.com/

    They were very responsive to questions and they met schedule.

    I did 8 (business) day turn with 3 day shipping. I got 15% off my first order too.

    I didn't do anything fancy for soldermask and it looks great. 

    My design was thru-hole, I did HASL and only 2 layers. The silkscreen was perfect.The copper pour is good...

    I couldn't be happier with the results. 

    Boss - here is the board:

    Sorry for the glare

  • Boss .

    Hi Jim, thanks for sharing, you should be very pleased with that result, looks excellent!

    I have managed to avoid slotted holes, but again your results look good so I'll give them a try.



  • John Hind

    Yea, it always amazes me when one comes back right too! There are so many settings and details to get wrong that it is quite amazing how well the system works. I did my first pick-and-place design recently and was so pleased it came out right - I do not know how they manage to sort out all the possible ambiguities regarding component centres, orientation standards and packaging. I think there must be quite a bit of manual intervention going on.

    Coming back to electronics design after twenty years doing software I was shocked how primitive it all still is. I fondly imagined that proper standards would have been agreed so a PCB could be processed end-to-end without manual intervention or scratching your head through pages of options for the output format. I also thought you would be able to submit a standardised electronic BoM to multiple suppliers and have quotes generated automatically. It THIS industry cannot get eCommerce right who can?

    Also, why are there so few suppliers offering end-to-end service (pick and place assembly as well as bare-board manufacture)?

    Imagine the costs that could be taken out and the extra business that could be generated if this industry could lower the bar for entry by getting the standards sorted out so getting a board made and populated was an easy, automatic process?


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