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EPW components


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  • Boss .

    I think this may be an auto router issue rather than EPW component.

    I'm not a fan of autorouting and the DSPCB one seems to be restricted on what it can achieve. However from when I last played with it, things to investigate with high density pads are your autoroute settings, track widths and the rules set in the Design Technology --> Spacings tab.

    In the autorouter the track grid must be less than the pad pitch. I haven't investigate what happens if you set this too small, may only take more attempts and longer to optimise?

    The track width must be smaller than the pad width.

    The rules defined in the Design Technology spacing must also allow the track to be placed without breaking the rule.

    My advice is select the minimum spacing and track width the manufacturer allows without going to a premium price level and see how that performs. If it doesn't work try to find what you need reduce the settings to for success and see the cost implication.

    Finally you can place (fine track) stubs of track of various lengths in areas you are having difficulties with to help the autorouter complete the task without having to get right into the pads.

    For my work I tend to manually route and avoid where possible the smaller pitch components, so I may not have come across your particular issue, but I hope the above helps.


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