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Adding Mounting Holes


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  • Andreas Schindler

    Simply add a Pad/Via from the left hand menu. Place it at the corner of your Print and right click for properties dialogue.

    Now select a round shape with drill hole from Style drop down list. For example a Via.

    after that set a diameter you want at "Hole Size" be aware that "With" must be a little larger than this diameter.

    If done you can copy and paste all similar mounting holes and place it where you want. You can use it also as an ground connection to your housing if needed. Therefore simply route a connection to GND.

  • Dennis Miller

    Thanks Andreas!  That makes since now. 

    "be aware that "With" must be a little larger than this diameter"

    I tried this.  I set the Width the same as the Hole Size and unchecked the "Plated" box.  It does give a warning:  "Drill completely removes pad shape".

    It looks like this just leaves the drill hole without any pad.  I added a silkscreen circle in place of the removed pad. 

    Will this also work without creating errors in my Gerber output files?


  • Andreas Schindler

    Unfortunately I can´t say. But I suppose you can create your Gerber files and check it with Gerber view (just google).

  • DesignSpark PCB

    Andreas is correct a mounting hole is simple a through hole pad.

    The warning that the drill removes the pad shape can be ignored if this is what you wish to achieve. Do ensure you allow clearance for the screw thread, and mount tolerances.

    The Gerber's will be produced correctly, but it always worth checking with a free viewer and DFM Now! , ViewMate and GC-Preview appear to be popular with our users.


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