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Design rule check


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  • DesignSpark PCB

    Just to clarify autoroute routes the copper tracks.

    The DRC checks your PCB against the rules set and highlights issues you should examine. A good PCB layout does not have to have zero DRC issues reported, but you must be happy the exceptions are OK.
    In your example the silkscreen should be edited and placed where you want the legends.

    I ensure all values such as R1, 2,... are positioned for ease of assembly and later servicing. Silkscreen over vias is not normally an issue especial if they are covered with resist.

    Silkscreen on pads should be avoided for reliable soldering and legibility although I believe the better PCB manufacturers mask the overlap out to avoid soldering issues, but it is still good design practice to make the layout the best possible.

    Another common DRC error for connectors is reported if a connector is too close to a board edge, but this is often required, so again it is reporting violations for you to 'check'.


  • Jayx .

    Many of them may also be a "false alarm", to be specific if you have errors like "Silkscreen text overlaps via" or pad. It's due to DSPCB checking distance between text bounding box (area around the text) instead of actual text.

    It was described with details in the old forum, now unfortunately lost, anyway if you see visually that text doesn't overlap anything you can ignore this particular error.


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