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grid settings


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  • Boss .


    Library files are independant of the design files and you can choose the units and grid to match the component, 

    Haven't tried saving the grid mode, but would have thought it would be saved in the tech files, I'll try when I have time. I swap between gid modes so have always been happy with a dot grid as default.

    I leave my schematic grid set at the default as then I know I'm the same as most other users! It certainly does not affect print out quality, but if you change things ensure the default symbols work as they are designed to snap to the grid and place connections on grid to make connections line up.

    I always print to PDF which I believe is the highest quality method, but it's been a while since I printed anything, guess I've almost gone paperless!

  • steve payne

    HI thank you for your response to my queries

    It is very rare to find someone who reads what you ask and actually gives you an honest answer.

    Thank you for your time


    steve payne


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