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Capped Via For QFN Parts


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  • Jayx .

    Hi Ahmad,

    Vias are normally plated "inside" (in the hole), otherwise it wouldn't make a sense. I think what you refer to is via tented or plugged and then plated on top of that. If so, such things are not directly available in DSPCB and in fact it's not part of standard Gerber files you send to PCB manufacturer. Usually you need to specify this manually in a separate description file or drawing and it will add a lot of extra cost.

    In most cases plugged or tented vias are not required, they can be left open. Obviously during reflow solder wick into them so try to keep holes diameter as small as possible. Sometimes it's required to decrease typical 50% solder paste reduction for the ground pad to compensate for the solder loss.

  • Ahmad Baghai Dowlatabadi

    Thanks Jay, I meant tented via, you are correct. Thanks for the comment.

    Placing a via inside a pad creates DRC errors.  I assume the errors can be ignored then, correct?


  • Jayx .

    Yes, generally DRC errors are more like advice for you to check. If you are sure it's intentional, you can ignore them.


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