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cut square from solder mask


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  • Andreas Schindler

    Simply chose a Rectangle from the left side Toolbar and place it where you want to expose your copper.

    Then mark this shape and go to properties dialog. Select Solder Mask as layer and mark the "Filled" check box.

  • John Suijkerbuijk

    Thanks for your answer. I had already tried that but if I create 'manufactoring plots' and view the gerber file there is no cutout in the solder mask. I tried gerbview and an other online viewer and they show no 'cutout'.

    However after reading your answer, I tried the 3D viewer of Designspark and select only the substrate and the soldermask then the cutout is visible. ???

    So who can I trust? btw I'm using version 7.2


    It seems that I made some wrong settings in the gerber output options. If I choose autogenerate it works.



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