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Mouse Right-click Control


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  • DesignSpark PCB

    What aspect of right click menu, do you not like? It provides all the options available for fast development on a selected object saving having to access these via the menu-bar or remembering short cuts.

  • Brad Levy

    Murphy, the right-click menu is context sensitive. In many contexts commands appear on it that make the overall operation of the program much more convenient than it would be without them.

    If you have a scroll-wheel mouse, you can pan by holding down the scroll wheel while dragging the mouse. This is the same number of clicks as right-click dragging would be.

    You can also zoom out, move the mouse to the center of the desired portion of the schematic, then zoom back in as an effective means of panning. The P keyboard command will also immediately pan the window to center it on the current mouse position.

    -Brad (just another user)

  • Boss .

    Brad, totally agree, wouldn't be without my scroll wheel mouse when doing more involved designs... should be compulsory  ;) 

  • Dave Mueller

    Is this something that I have to enable within the software?  If I use the horizontal scroll on my mouse wheel it will move the schematic right/left but when I hold down the mouse wheel I cannot pan around the schematic.

    This has always been a small headache for me as I am always accidentally resizing when I'm trying to pan.  For some reason, it's just more intuitive to me (probably from other design/sim software) to click+drag or use the wheel to move up/down.

    Unfortunately, I've looked through settings and still haven't been able to find out to move the schematic up or down without using the slider bars on the schematic edge.



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