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adding a 7 segment led common cathode x 4 digit display component to library


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  • Boss .

    Hi Steve, I could not with a quick search find the schematic required however guessing with 4 digits and 7 segments that is 11 pins (assume one digit has a decimal point?). Now the schematic is literally just 12 pins with a symbol representing the function so I suggest just making a seven segment shape copy and pasted for four digits and labeling the pins a to a to g and the common cathodes digit 1 to 4 or similar.
    one of the tutorials states it is just "artwork" between the pins so you do not have to complicate it with connections or diode symbols unless you want to.

    Post a schematic symbol of what you would like to achieve if you would like to discuss further.

  • steve payne


    thank you for pointing me in the right direction thats helped a lot



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