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keepout zones for router


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  • Boss .

    Interesting question Steve.

    I always manually route my boards or at least the critical bits so I always try to route on the bottom copper to through hole parts for accessibility of the joint for any rework especially if the pad is hidden on the top copper. I always get pcbs made now but still follow the above methodology.

    Your solution of a keep out on the top surface around specific components sounds good, but as you say there may be better options?

    At present my only thoughts are to manually route short stubs of track on the bottom surface from the pads of these problem components (possibly with a via at the end and see if the autorouter picks these up in preference to the component pad.

    I don't recall it being asked previously.

  • steve milkins

    Hi, Just gave that a try, even with 'fixing' the stubs +/- vias the software removes them and does its own thing. You are quite right of course I'd be better off manually routing but I was hoping the system would help me out on the less important bits. 

    Thanks for the comment, I'm glad it wasn't too daft a question.



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