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DSPCB Gerber creation - has something changed recently?


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  • Brad Levy

    I haven't encountered the "too many parameters" message, but I have (for a long time) seen issues with gerbv rendering arcs and circles, where sometimes only half the circle will appear.

    For that reason, I usually use the free version of GC-Prevue from GraphiCode, which I have found to render reliably. Sometimes I will also run my gerbers through the online viewers/manufacturability checkers provided by the board houses I use. An advantage to those is they can give you feedback about clearances that may be okay, but tight enough they will drive up the cost you pay.



  • Boss .

    I also use GC-Preview or DFM NOW! which do not seem to have any artifacts as Gerbv has. I have deleted Gerbv for this reason.


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