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Renumbering components


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  • Boss .

    I haven't done this for a while, but believe you can renumber from the PCB - check in help.

    What do you mean by 'unrelated' component references? Is this the components around a particular circuit function are not grouped as you would like? If so I thinck you will have to manually perform this task.

  • David Widdup

    Hi - Thanks for the reply... When I mentioned 'unrelated', I meant that the numbering for components become non-sequential, i.e. you would have gaps in the numbering, R1, R3, R9 etc

  • Boss .

    From the PCB view, in tools there is "Auto rename components" with various options such as selecting just R or C etc.

    This removes gaps in the sequence but also redesignates them as a matrix layout across the PCB so tends to rename everything. This can be useful for servicing such that you can locate components on the PCB much quicker.

    You will need to back annotate to update your schematic.

    I haven't used this so try on a simple test design first!

    Unfortunately I always want the schematic components in a sequence and this is not supported as an option, so tend to do it manually if needed.

  • Martin Dusek

    How do I renumber components in schematics from left top to right bottom (R1, R2, ......Rn etc)?

  • Dominic FitzPatrick

    I have a similar problem with schematic only designs, hence I can't use the back annotation from the PCB. I usually end up doing it manually, using the "Goto" tab as a reminder of which designators have been used.


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