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Adding Components


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  • Andreas Schindler

    Many Parts stocked at RS are not represented in ModelSource.

    The best way to avoid those problems is to search first in ModelSource whether there is a suitable part or not. If not just take a similar component. Eg. you searching for 852-3270 just select any capacitor with the same Footprint. Eg. 537-3763.

    Now you can copy this Component, its Symbol and Footprint to your User library and edit Name and part number. If you want you can edit the footprint and the Symbol. Now you have a customized fully working component.

  • Boss .

    Thats a good answer Andreas, new users are often searching for a very specific component, but often there are thousands available and just the values need editing such as part number and component value.

    If you have a similar component downloaded you can also use the Wizards in the Library Manager to use existing schematic and PCB symbols to create your new component.

    Also EPW (ECAD Part Wizard) is a great new online resource with many up to date components and some of the more specialised  types and you can request new parts to be produced!

  • Andreas Schindler

    looks interesting, I will try it later. However It would be nice Designspark would automatic upload all user made Components to a special common used library. I suppose it could take a couple of months nearly all parts in stock has its model in model source.


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