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Viewing both sides of the PCB


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  • Boss .

    That caught me out way back in V3, the answer is you cannot within the design, the program is a top down view for the whole process. This may seem like a limitation but in practice it isn't once you explore the merge colours options in the colours settings which gives coppers and shapes a degree of transparency providing an X ray type view of the board.
    In the 3D view you can rotate the board and see both sides for additional confidence. 

  • Brad Levy

    Of course, you can also choose which layers to hide or show, using the Colors dialog or the Layers tab of the Interaction Bar.With the top side layers hidden, you will still be looking down through the board from the top, but you won't have the top side items in the way of your view.

    The Interaction Bar (which is really more of a Pane than a Bar) itself can be displayed or hidden by pressing the F9 key when you are in a schematic or PCB editor window.

    (just another user)

  • David Widdup

    Thanks guys. My main reason for this was that I had silk screen on that side, and off course looking through the board this silk screen is all reversed. I just wanted to view it all as it would be seen to make sure it all looked OK. 

  • Boss .

    Reversed silkscreen text is an issue, but you can quickly produce a PDF from the manufacturing outputs with copper, silkscreen and anything else on one sheet.
    I tend to do this and print out a paper PCB so I can layout key components to check I have the positions correct. Ensure holes are in the correct position and the PCB fits the enclosure! I also check some of the SMD footprints as I have in the past had the wrong footprint!


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