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Library edit units


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  • Brad Levy

    The answer Boss gave will set the units for the a symbol you are in the middle of editing. But you can also set the default units for creating new or editing library symbols in the library manager. Open the Library Manager, click on the Schematic Symbols or PCB Symbols tab (whichever you want to change the default for). Then click on the Tech Files... button to open the Technology dialog. Select a technology file with the units you wish to use. For example, for metric units for PCB symbols, you can select the metric.ptf file, which already exists, instead of the default.ptf file which (I think) has thou as the units on a new install.

    If a tech file with suitable units doesn't already exist, you can open one of the existing tech files using the Open button in the Technology dialog. Then close the library manager, and edit the technology file you just Opened. Use Settings > Units to select your preferred units. Then save the technology file (or use Save As to save it under a new name, if you want to preserve your old technology file as well). Now re-open the library manager, and select the technology file you modified or created, and click OK.

    DS PCB remembers which tech file you have selected and will use it
    as the default for new library items until you select a different technology file on the same type of library symbol. The technology files for schematics and schematic symbols have an .stf extension, and are separate from the technology files for PCBs and PCB symbols, which have a .ptf extension.

  • Boss .

    Withe the library manager open and the footprint editor active, goto

    Settings-->Units and select as required.

    Settings-->Grids is also adjustable for Library editor as required and will not disturb your PCB edit settings.


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