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Load my old pad definitions from 7.0 into my new 7.2 version


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  • Brad Levy

    The design technology files (templates) are usually stored in:

      C:\Users\Public\Documents\DesignSpark PCB n.m\Technology\

    where n.m is the version number of DesignSpark PCB (for example, 7.0).

    This is a separate folder from where the libraries are usually stored:

      C:\Users\Public\Documents\DesignSpark PCB n.m\Library\

    (Both folders are located in the same parent folder.)

    Schematic design technology files have an .stf extension (for example, default.stf), while PCB design technology files have a .ptf extension.

    There are several ways to get your custom pads (and other custom items from your 7.0 design technology files) to 7.2 design technology files.

    One way is to copy the design technology file(s) in question from the 7.0 technology folder to the 7.2 technology folder. This is quick, but has one disadvantage. If the new version of DS PCB has added elements in the design technology files, you will be overwriting those when you copy the old files over the new files.

    The other method is to use the technology transfer feature of DS PCB.

    First, use File > Open to open the design technology file you want to import your custom items into (for example, C:\Users\Public\Documents\DesignSpark PCB 7.2\Technology\default.ptf).

    Next, use the Settings > Technology Transfer... menu command to open the Technology Files dialog.  The Items in Current Design box will show you design technology items in the currently open file (in this case, the 7.2 version default.ptf). Now you want to open the file you want to copy design technology from. Click the Browse... button and select the old (7.0) design technology directory. Then select default.ptf in the Name: dropdown box. You will now see the items from the old technology file in the box labeled Items in Technology File. Now you can select items in the right-hand box and use the buttons below the two boxes to copy them to the current design (7.2 technology file). Click on the tabs at the top of the dialog to select different item categories to examine and/or transfer.

    -Brad (just another user)

  • DesignSpark PCB

    It is probably due to the previous library containing your customisations not being mapped to your new version.

    Please see

  • robert palma

    Dear DesignSpark and Brad,

    Thank-you for responding.

    Brad, as always, you nailed it.

    I did not know that trick of using File|Open to open the technology file directly.

    Everything you said, worked like a charm.

    Thank-you so much. You have helped me several times in the past .... much appreciated.

    So may I propose ...  well a new name?

    "Brad, Just another SUPER User - knowledgeable, articulate, helpful, and a friend to all"

    Hey, if I can help you some day, that would be great.

    Thanks to all,





  • Brad Levy

    You are welcome, Robert.

    I notice one new forum feature is the ability to vote for helpful posts and replies. I suggest we get in the habit of doing that, as it will help others decide which things to try first, and give DS support a better idea of which items to make into FAQ questions and which feature requests people consider most important.



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